glbinding and globjects are available in Debian

Both glbinding and globjects in their latest stable release are available in Debian 9 “stretch” in the default package repositories. We gratefully acknowledge the work of the Debian mentors team and Ghislain Antony Vaillant in particular for their work to integrate our libraries for widespread use. Following the release in Debian, more downstream distributions are likely to adopt our libraries for their default package repositories. This has happened with Ubuntu as of 17.10.


glbinding is a full-fledged, MIT licensed, cross-platform C++ binding for the OpenGL API. Based on the OpenGL API specification, ranging from 1.0 to the latest 4.5, glbinding is generated using scripts and templates that can be adapted to fit custom needs. It leverages modern C++11 features like enum classes, lambdas, and variadic templates, instead of relying on macros (e.g., compared to GLEW). It features type-safe parameters, per feature API headers, lazy function resolution, multi-context and multi-thread support, global and local function callbacks, as well as tools and examples for quick-starting your projects. The command line tools provide insights into your system, with respect to OpenGL capabilities (similar to GL Extension Viewer), a drivers context creation behavior or its default OpenGL state.




Press Release created by Willy Scheibel, 17. July 2017.