Our Expertise

High-quality computer graphics implies profound know-how and programming close to hardware.


Computer Graphics

With years of experience in real-time computer graphics we push state-of-the-art and provide know-how and solutions with emphasis on:

  • OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL, and Vulkan
  • 2D and 3D Computer Graphics
  • Real-time Rendering Techniques
  • Mobile, Desktop, and server-based Systems
  • Virtual Reality (HTC, Oculus)
  • Engines: Unity, Unreal
  • Information Visualization
  • Hardware-accelerated Computing (GPGPU)

C++ Development

We are specialized in tailoring frameworks, tools, apps, and web services. Our solutions are clean, maintainable, reliable, and cross-platform.

  • Modern C++11/14/17/20
  • Cross-platform C++ Development
  • Library and Application Design
  • CMake Project Setup and Deployment
  • Qt-based Development
  • Low-level Optimization and Parallelization
  • Software Development Paradigms

What We Offer

With reliable technology and innovative concepts we support and help realize your projects.



Our support is intended as short-termed work aiding your project or process. Among others this includes answering technical questions, resolving smaller issues as well as prioritized feature development in our open source software stack.

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We guide decision-making processes and extend resources based on your needs. For it we offer researching, benchmarking, developing algorithms, and rapidly constructing prototypes. In addition we provide basic and advanced training.

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In a transparent and agile process we implement novel functionality, build and integrate advanced tools, and transition research into production. This covers small-scale investigatory efforts up to large-scale industry applications and systems.

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Open-Source Commitment

For us, open and free access to knowledge and technology is obligatory.

Refer to our GitHub portfolio at github.com/cginternals for a comprehensive list of projects and additional information.

Executive and Technical Leadership

CG Internals is steered by three computer graphics enthusiasts, software engineers, and visualization experts.

Stefan Buschmann

Unix native and knowledgeable developer of complex systems. With over 15 years of experience in developing game and rendering engines, Stefan drives quality and reliable technology design.

Daniel Limberger

Restless Windows aficionado who dedicated the majority of his last 15 years to GPUs and pixels. Daniel ruthlessly strives for algorithms of minimal code and highest possible performance.

Willy Scheibel

Pragmatic programmer, modern C++ specialist, and specification guru who maintains massive amounts of source code and pushes features both with a vertiginous momentum.

Contact and Imprint

Feel free to get in contact with us.

Phone | +49 163 568 2818
E-Mail | contact@cginternals.com
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District Court Potsdam, HRB 28335 P
VAT-No: DE815590546
Managing Director | Daniel Limberger


CG Internals GmbH
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Stra├če 36
14482 Potsdam, Germany
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